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Bonjour ladies!

By admin On 8/12/2011. no comments

Welcome to Etincelle!


Please send me any questions if you have trouble matching an outfit, or if you have any question regarding a trend, a collection…. I’ll be happy to answer!

Here’s 2 recents testimonials from 2 lovely ladies I helped out!:


Krista Jane :

Thank god Emilie was there!  I needed an outfit for a conference and I needed it fast, I spent an hour with her and walked out with 3-4 PERRRRFECT options!  I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short time, I’ll be able to use so much more of what’s already in my closet now! 



Elizabeth Roberts:

Thank you Emilie: For the time spent shopping with me. Never thought I would walk out with six new garments, as alone, I would have left the store having found nothing to try on. You found just the right selections, and none that I would have chosen from the racks.   You knew best what would suit me. All I had to do was try them on as you brought them to me. Best of all, my partner loved them and was not dragged around the stores. Thanks again, Elizabeth



Now girls, be the 1st to get the best looks from Summer collection 2011-2012! let’s go shopping together!


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