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About Me

The Inspiration Behind Etincelle (The Spark).About Emilie 300x200 About Me

I’m Emilie, I’m French, I live in Sydney and I have a sixth sense for fashion!

I’ve always been passionately interested in fashion and styling, followed trends, identified new looks, watched the shows and devoured the magazines.  I’ve supplemented my interest by work in boutiques in France, expanding on my innate sense of style and feel for fashion.

For years my friends and colleagues have been asking me where my clothes are from or admiring my look, and I’ve been on call when they need help selecting new outfits.  I’ve always loved to help, because I knew I could make them look fabulous.

Finally, one day, after yet another compliment, I had my ‘aha’ moment, my spark. (In French: my ‘étincelle’).  It was time to turn my passion into my career.

So now I offer my experience, creativity and passion to the Sydney market place doing what I do best, dressing ladies in style.

I’m up-to-the-minute with the latest looks and trends in Europe and can style outfits from casual street wear to the ideal formalwear for gala events.  With a French flair for fashion and an intuitive eye for detail, you can now shop with complete confidence with results that will ‘wow’ your friends, have heads turning and tongues wagging.

I’m ready to offer you my expertise and knowledge, so you can create your new look, so contact me now and let’s start the conversation or check out available shopping packages.