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Do You Want To Look Fabulous, But Your Wardrobe Is Letting You Down?

While every woman wants to look her best, not every woman was born to shop. If this sounds like you – or if you’re someone who could use a little guidance in the style department – read on…

Perhaps you dislike shopping, or you’re frustrated because you never seem to find anything you like, anything to fit, or anything in your budget.

I offer you my formidable talents; I’m a French stylist now living in Sydney, a skilled fashion guru who is passionate about making women look and feel beautiful.

I can make shopping easy and even fun by guiding you, showing you what works and explaining what doesn’t, finding clothes that work together, saving you time and frustration and boosting your confidence!  It’s style, with French savoir-faire. 

No more wasted shopping trips or clothes with the tags on hanging in your wardrobe.  You’ll wow your family and friends, turn heads and collect compliments.

My understanding of clothing and style, and my love for all things fashion related means I will know where to find the ideal pieces for YOU.  By combining your unique requirements with my pool of knowledge I will personalise your shopping experience, and voila!  Success, a fabulous wardrobe, and a stylish new look!

As a fashion loving woman, who is well known for dressing stylishly and beautifully every day, I understand my clientele as well as their desires, needs and motivations, it makes me the ideal person  to put some sparkle into your wardrobe.

For further information or to book a shopping date, feel free to contact me anytime on 0418 400 843 or